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Businesses within the Riverside Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) derive many benefits as outlined in the About RDP section of this site. RDP, as administrator of the BID, is an advocate facilitating programs that positively impact Downtown.

Downtown Projects are:
1) Initiated by members of the Downtown business community
2) Implemented and supported by RDP’s Staff and Board of Directors
3) Shaped and spearheaded by the active members of our organization —people who seize the opportunity to be involved first-hand in making decisions that will impact their Downtown.

Are you one of these influential individuals? Do you have ideas about making Downtown an even better place to live . . . work. . . or play?

Don’t just stand on the sidelines wishing things were different . . . this is your chance to make a difference! RDP needs your support and energy. Join with us as we work collectively to shape the present and future of our Downtown.

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