Annual Renewal Report

Each year the Riverside Downtown Partnership (RDP) submits a report to City Council for the renewal of the Riverside Downtown Parking and Business Improvement District (Downtown BID) for the upcoming calendar year. The report outlines the planned activities to be funded by the assessment on all businesses within the boundaries, equal to 100% of the annual business tax levied by the City of Riverside. City Council sets a date for a public hearing to review the report and approve the continuation of the Business Improvement levy. The City collects the levy on behalf of the Downtown BID and provides up to $100,000 of matching money annually for improvements downtown.

RDP has administered the Downtown BID since its establishment in 1986. RDP works with the City and with other organizations to best utilize available resources and to work towards the effective implementation of programs and activities funded by the Downtown BID in six specific areas, parking, beautification, music in public areas, public events, promotion of business activities, and security.

This year, the renewal process was moved ahead due to the RDP Board not meeting in September. The RDP Board of Directors approved the annual report outlining the planned 2018 activities for the Riverside Downtown Parking and Business Improvement District (Downtown BID) at its August 9th meeting. The report was submitted to City Council and it is expected that it will be formally received at the September 29th Council meeting with the Public Hearing set for October 24th .  The City will send out a notice to all downtown businesses advising of the date of the public hearing.

The 2018 Renewal Report is available below.  If you have any question regarding the Annual Report or the BID renewal process, please contact Janice Penner at the RDP office at 781-7339.

ANNUAL REPORT for 2018 Renewal


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