Business Spotlight

Mind & Mill 

Mind & Mill is a digital marketing agency, specializing in helping businesses grow. But we’ve also done something special at our headquarters. We’ve built a vision for a community wrapped around several entities, our digital marketing agency, a coworking space, an art gallery, a classroom and an event space. We believe that these entities will help a rich community of driven people thrive and grow. It’s a community and habitat for smart people to come together and collaborate, grow business and learn.

As an agency, we’re a team of marketers and creatives, consumed with creating content to captivate. We dream, build and execute ideas that reach your customers and grow your brand.

As a cowork, we’ve built this vision for a community that has the freedom or flexibility of working at a coffee shop, but also captures dedication to creativity, quality, collaboration and coworking. We’ve created a place for you to dedicate time to being productive and a community to jump into.

Mind & Mill’s walls are covered in art from local artists and we offer a monthly art show which coincides with Riverside’s art walk. Hosting a gallery at our agency / cowork creates a juxtaposition of art and entrepreneurship which contributes to the City of Riverside as the City of Arts and Innovation. We feel it also creates an ideal space to breed creativity and collaboration among the enterprising, innovative and entrepreneurial.

As a classroom, we offer classes that are practical and affordable. They are applicable to real life.

We’re demystifying technology and are providing ways to challenge and develop creativity.

Located at 6th and Main Riverside, CA 92501  951.384.1881.