Shop Downtown

Shop Downtown

According to analysts, nationwide studies show that buying locally significantly stimulates economic growth in your city.

The City of Riverside, known as the ‘the City of Arts & Innovation’ was named one of the nation’s top 13 Most Livable Communities” by the Partners for Livable Communities in 2009. Recently, Riverside was honored as the Intelligent Community of the Year by the Intelligent Community Forum.

With the impact rising fuel costs are having on the economy, more and more people are looking to eat, shop and play close to home.

There are numerous reasons of the benefits of spending locally, here are a few:

  • Stimulates growth in the region with a 68% ROI on every dollar consumers spend in local businesses vs. retail chains.
  • Supports small ‘mom and pop‘ establishments which adds to the uniqueness of what makes downtown a destination.
  • Helps the local job market growth.
  • Benefits the environment by conserving energy and resources of importing goods from outside sources.
  • Strengthens our community by giving people more options close to home.